The Farmhouse

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Confusing Days

It's mighty confusing here at The Farmhouse. Is it summer? Is it fall? Well, it's hot and humid so that's summer, but, the leaves are falling fast and furious so that's fall. right?  It's like this:


Fall :(
I am also seeing a lot of acorns, too. Does this mean we are in for a rough winter? Let's hope not.
Cliff says The Farmer's Almanac is calling for a bad winter. Yuck!!

I love these hot summer days. Here is where I spend a little time every afternoon.

I turn on the ceiling fan on the west porch, grab my book and stretch out on my little couch. It's not long before I am fast asleep! That's right - I sleep in the middle of the day. Just like a baby, after lunch I need a rest. I am claiming this is due to my Rheumatoid Disease, but, to be honest I have always enjoyed a nap. And this porch is so wonderful for napping. So...this "condition" is really kicking me in the ass! Besides aching and swollen joints, I am soooo tired. They say the meds should kick in any day now so I am impatiently waiting. The weird thing is I need to keep moving to feel better. It's a delicate dance of movement and rest. Bella has never been on so many walks!
The pillow business has slowed to a crawl, but, thanks to a very special client I just filled a big order.

My nephew is a realtor and he gives personalized pillows to his clients at settlement. He's keeping me afloat in these troubling economic times :)
I wanted to re-share my cabinet knobs. I know I spoke about them before, but, I just love them. Kitty and Bella are the models. So cute!

My friend was cleaning out her closets and gave me these three wooden pigs. I painted them with Chalk paint (what else?) and Cliff nailed them together and we hung them on the gate. So many flying pigs!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates....

You never know what you're gonna get. Well it seems I've got myself a nice little auto immune disease. Rheumatoid Arthritis to be exact. Huh? How did this happen? One minute I'm fine and the next I'm a "patient" with a "disease". It started innocently enough, my knuckles on my thumbs hurt to the touch, but, they functioned just fine. Next, it was one or two fingers had swollen joints, and I thought maybe I had I got tested and that was a big Negative, but, what could this be? Then it really started reving up - one day my knees hurt, then my feet and hands and it was getting worse. My primary doctor tested me for all kinds of things and called one evening to say he thought it may be RA and started me on Prednisone. A miracle! No pain, but, of course we can't stay on that for too long so it was off to the Rheumatologist...I didn't even know how to spell rheumatology (still have trouble with it). He confirmed what my doctor thought and now I am being treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am starting to learn how to live with this thing, RA. Mornings are awful - you are in pain and stiff and always wondering what will hurt today, but, after swallowing lots of Advil things calm down and you carry on. Around 2 pm a wave of exhaustion hits and I need a big ol' nap. Then I'm good to go until evening and the whole thing starts again! I have started on a DMARD , disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug (ain't that a fancy name!) and should know within 3 weeks to  3 months if it will help. So in my box of chocolates is RA. I am fine and I am trying not to let this "bump" in the road get me down. I am still riding my beloved pony, just taking lots of Advil an hour or two before and they say moving around is good.Like Forest Gump and Jenny - me and Advil go together like peas and carrots! I will keep you updated as go on this journey.
Things around the Farmhouse are good. We are in full bloom.

The Lilly's look lovely.

Cliff made this stone surround. Looks nice.

The vine is really growing on the arbor.
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Headin' West

Last week we went west. California to be exact. Our first stop was San Fran to see the "golden child" and meet his roommates and friends. We got the grand tour of his new place, a quintessential San Francisco Victorian - just like Full House! They rent the top floor and they also have a rooftop deck. It was very cool and in a great neighborhood. We spent one night in the city and then we were off to Yosemite.We had never been there and the only word that comes to mind is Awesome. Here are a few pics.

Roots of a fallen Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia - notice lightening strike in middle.

Welcome to Jurassic Park!

People were climbing!

That blob is a BEAR! We also saw a bear cub.

The Awahhni Hotel rests right at the base of El Capitain. It is beautiful.

One of the Falls in the park. Due to the drought they will be dry soon.

And of course Cliff scaling Half Dome - he made it to the top! Not!
We spent 3 days at Yosemite and then we headed to civilization in Carmel!
We have some exciting news to share....we are moving to Carmel!! We are packing up the Farmhouse and heading west. As you may know, Cliff is quite an expert on baked goods.He combs the world in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie. He has decided that there are no decent bagel shops in Carmel and so we have decided to open one. Are you ready for the name of this new venture? Why, Bella's Bagels of course! Our logo will be Bella jumping through a bagel (like her agility). After working all day at our bagel shop, Cliff will play 9 at Pebble Beach. I will be busy at my new home on Delores Ave (look it up) as it may be the coolest street I have ever seen. Each house is different and out does the next. Ahh to dream!! No McMansions here - just amazing homes! Oh and right down the street is the Pacific Ocean where everyone takes their dogs to frolic at the beach. Enough dreaming - I have bees to care for.

That's right you can add Bee Keeper to my resume. The Carmel Valley Ranch offers a Bee Keeping Class and Deb and I signed up. So fun. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing Josh and spending time and $$ with him. The kid can eat - and drink! After a week of fun it was time to head back to The Farmhouse. We had some excitement on our flight home though. As we were about to land the pilot came on to say there was a "slight malfunction" of the flaps and to prepare for a "hard landing" - oh my! As we looked out the window we saw a line of fire trucks on the runway. Great stuff. Well.obviously we made it, but, it was scary. The Farmhouse never looked better. We have decided there's no place like home.
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

He's crafty, too.

I am not the only one who likes to craft. Cliff is quite crafty,too! When Cliff got a fire pit for his birthday he decided to make it more versatile. While not serving as a smoking hot fire, the pit now doubles as a coffee table.

The top pops off and viola - fire pit!
He has also re-purposed ( big word in crafting) old wooden crates into a side table.

I love this .Farmhouse chic!
Things are blooming all over and the Knock Out Roses are looking good.

But, I over-planted the Sweet Potato Vine and it's taking over the Begonias.

Lesson learned.
Here is a good view of the front of the house.

Pretty cute. Huh?
And of course a waterfront view.

This little lady sure loves her Farmhouse.

We hope you are enjoying summer. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Patio Re-Do

Here is a fact: I really have no say in many things Farmhouse related. Our "new" patio is a prime example. Cliff just wasn't happy with the size. He lamented this fact all winter, so what does he do? He hires someone to make it bigger. Oh - and adds a new walkway,too. I thought it was fine. We downsized, remember? But, I have no say, remember? The new patio portion is a very small addition, but, it does look nice. We added a new seating area as well.

The firepit was a gift from yours truly for Cliff's birthday.
Here is the new walkway.

Now we need to find a place to but the large slate stones that made up the walkway before.
Any ideas? Really large coasters! I could stencil them!!
So there you have our new and improved patio.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Prognosis: Negative

I am sitting before my laptop sniffling. I am sad, but, my sniffles are from the copious amounts of pollen in the air. I have never had allergies before and this spring I suddenly have been hit hard. Now you are wondering why am I sad? Here is why:

I am ready to admit it doesn't look good. Does it? This Tulip Poplar is dead or dying. If you remember last year we had the tree doctor come out and try to save this beauty, but, alas she didn't make it! The doctor said the tree was stressed from the construction of the Farmhouse. I asked if perhaps Valium or Prozac would help, but, the tree doctor did not find that funny. Who knew trees were so sensitive? If I had known I would have spoken soothingly to the tree. I would have promised the tree that construction wouldn't last that long and things would be back to normal soon. Coulda -woulda-shoulda! Let this be a lesson people - trees have feelings.

We will be setting up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for the removal of the sensitive tree in the near future :) Mucho deneros!!

We are thriving in the growing of wooden benches, however,

I guess they are the byproduct of trees gone by. We found the bench on the right under our screened in porch when we renovated. Perhaps it came from a tree that suffered from low self esteem?

In other growing news, we have 3 new window boxes on the carriage house. I love.

The front porch is all dressed up, too.

Happy Spring!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Beautiful Hood

This week in Charm City has been unsettling to say the least. After watching hours and hours of media reports on my hometown I needed to turn off the TV and get some fresh air. I started to feel better as soon as I turned down my street and saw this.

Polo Ponies! That's right Polo and we're not even in Palm Beach! These ponies summer here and spend the winter in Florida. They get exercised every morning and I just love to watch. Each rider "ponies" 4 horses. Not an easy feat. Trust me.
Next, I saddled up Bella and went for a walk around our fair neighborhood. We came upon this.

Who knew - an artificial turf lacrosse field. Oh how I wish Josh was 20 years younger.
How about this little place.

This is my neighbors spring house. I love this place. It was built over 100 years ago.
I also find these stone walls oh so charming.

Spring has turned everything bright green, including Cliff's lawn.

I wouldn't trade my little corner of the world for anything. It's calm and peaceful and during such volatile times it provides comfort. Would I move downtown?

Not even if pigs could fly!
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