The Farmhouse

Monday, January 26, 2015

New Porch

The new screened in porch is done and looking fine. It was a nice quick job with only one little hiccup. I got the, "Excuse me ma' am, there seems to be a problem." It seems that the old beams supporting the porch were rotted through. Of course they had to be replaced.



New floor, we will stain in the spring.

Finished porch. We are deciding what color to paint the door.

In other news, this one is in BIG trouble!

She may look innocent, but, she is in the doghouse. I took her for a hike in the snow and she took off chasing geese and ignored me when I called her. She was real busy eating goose poop, too. I know - how ladylike! 

Enjoy the snow.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Show and Tell

Well we find ourselves once again inside due to poor weather. We were supposed to have rain, however, we have ice. pony riding for this gal. I am feeling a strong need to craft and my mind is swirling with ideas. I thought I would have an impromptu craft show right here on this blog. Here are a few of my latest creations. Please hold all applause until the end. Thanks you.

My little bathroom sign. I went to Goodwill, bought an old cheese board and viola - a vintage looking sign. Oh - and I added a fun knob.

Fox Hunter pillows. I made these for my riding buddies for x-mas gifts.

This is a Corgi pillow I gave to Bella's agility teacher. Trust me it looks better in person.
I also made some coasters. I don't have photos due to the fact that right before the New Year something very awful happened and it has been very hard for me to talk about it. But, I am ready to speak candidly about it now. You see, my hard drive died. There I said it! Obviously this was very, very hard on me. First, I was led into a false sense of security by some geeks, but, that turned out to be a bunch of baloney! They said it would be OK. They said it just needed a few tests and some "medication". Well...I went into this with the highest of hopes. I am a positive person. I parted with my dear baby and was told she would be fine in a day or two. The call came and I rushed over to pick her up, I even swaddled her in a blanket to keep her warm. I got her home turned her on and...same slowness and lethargy as before!! Prognosis : Negative. We rushed back, went home and waited for the call. It came. Dead Hard Drive. No hope. Sad. All was lost. As I said I am a positive person so I bucked up and carried on. Aren't I something? I even downloaded Word and Outlook myself. So that is why I don't have any photos of the coasters!
Now I am not the bragging type. Am I? But, I was over the moon thrilled when this arrived at my door last week.

An oil painting of The Farmhouse commissioned by non other than my son, Josh! Wow!I am thrilled for two reasons -one, my son bought ME a gift! - two, my son bought ME a gift and it's of the Farmhouse!! This what the original house looked like before we gussied it up.

This week the porch renovation starts. Here are a few before shots.

We will be getting new screening, flooring and posts. I will keep you updated.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Jerry Kinda Morning

So it is 20 degrees outside and I really don't want to leave this oh so cozy farmhouse.  I spent a few hours cleaning while Cliff went out to get his breakfast.  That's right, he gets his food on the outside. The man likes his breakfast from any local place that offers up white bread and cholesterol - and Diet Coke of course! The breakfast of Champions. Anywho, when he comes in he mentions that Larry David was on Howard, but he didn't get to hear too much. My ears perk right up. I love Larry and I love Howard. I got get into my car ASAP!! And don't get all judgy on me - yes- I am a LOYAL listener of Howard Stern. The man does the best interviews hands down. This week alone he has had Bradley Cooper and Larry David on. Unfortunately he is on Satellite radio and I can only listen when I am in my car. So into my car I go. Made up some stupid excuse of needing toilet paper and off I went.
We have been Seinfeld fans since the beginning and then Larry David fans with Curb Your Enthusiasm. I believe I can quote word for word from most Seinfeld episodes and some Curb episodes, too. Larry was great on Howard this morning. I drove around for a while listening and of course went to Starbucks, too. Which on a side note - I am very angry that I did not win Starbucks For Life - the contest I played religiously for a month! What a scam. However, I realized after I got my Tall in a Grande cup o'joe, I am similar to Jerry.  He has a show called Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and I am in a car getting coffee!! See? Only I am not a comedian, but I am listening to comedians and making clever comments to myself ( and Bella!) Therefore, I am a show. When I came home I watched an episode of Comedians...Coffee with Jerry and Sarah Jessica Parker. Love her! She bought an old Country Squire Station Wagon and they drove around kibitzing. Fun stuff. It got me thinking, maybe I should do a show called Bloggers in Cars Getting Coffee. Anyway if you haven't seen the show I highly recommend it!
I have an update on our beloved neighborhood swine. They are now residing at The Calvert Humane Society. It seems they were destroying other peoples lawns, too. I think it's for the best. They really didn't fit in with the neighborhood! I miss them though.
Things are status quo here at The Farmhouse. We are getting ready to renovate the screened in porch. It desperately needs a makeover. Stay tuned.
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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, filled with family, friends and food!  We were lucky enough to have Josh spend a few days with us.  He flew in from the coast, as they say.  We had a fun time and he is loving life in San Fransisco. We had some of "the boys" over along with their folks for an after Turkey Day party.  We just dropped Josh off at the airport and I admit I shed a few tears. I will adjust again, just give me a day or two.  It got me thinking of the seasons and how we are entering winter here at the Farmhouse.  Change happens whether you are ready or not.  Things around here are changing - I got out my camera and took a few pics.

I think these bushes are splendid in their fall colors.

We switched out the summer begonias and added ornamental cabbage.  Slaw anyone?

Now that the leaves are gone we get a good view of the tennis bubble behind us.

I would be remiss if I didn't share Cliff's lawn with you.  I give the guy credit, he got himself a beautiful lawn!

I thought this was cool.  This a tree sap icicle.  I had been watching the sap ooze out of this tree and with the cold temperatures the sap froze into a giant icicle.  I wonder if it's maple flavored?

Well I titled this post Barren and you may be wondering why.  The trees are now barren, but, I am referring to something (or someone) else.  Drum roll please.....

Bonnie is NOT preggers!! The sonogram was done and there are NO little piggies in there.  Diagnosis: Pot Belly! I also have a feeling these little swine may be leaving the neighborhood very soon if they are not gone now.  I spoke with "their mom" and she wants them evicted ASAP.  More to come on this.

I am feeling a little melancholy today due to Josh leaving and of course the possible eviction of Bonnie & Clyde.
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Return to Blogging

I have been absent for awhile and I do apologize.  I have been busy attending to some very important matters close to home.  And by close, I do mean close.

It seems I have become the neighborhood liaison for loose running swine.  I have accepted this role with grace, if I say so myself!  However, as of today I am stepping down from my post.  You see, I have finally had a powwow with the owners of said piggies and he doesn't particularly mind that these beasts are at large.  Get it?  At large!! Anyway it seems I became the go to gal to call when swine were spotted.  Why?  Is it because I named my home The Flying Pig, or because we proudly spotlight a flying pig from our roof?

I'd like to think it's because I am a caring person. But, people, if the pig guy does not care if his little piggies are roaming the hood, why should I?  I have bigger fish to fry - don't I? I can't do it all.

This is Bonnie.  She may be in a family way.  According to her "dad" a sonogram was to be preformed last week. I must admit I am feeling very sorry for her having to haul that belly around!
At first they got loose maybe once a month, but, now it is an almost daily occurrence. Even Bella doesn't really care anymore.  It's just another day here at The Farmhouse for her.

On the house front we have been making a few changes.  We felt our den/living room was on the dark side, so we decided to replace the front door with a glass door to let some light in.



I love it! Really adds some pizazz.
Stay tuned for a few more improvements.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Grey Gardens of Greenspring?

We have established that I am a nosy neighbor, for better or worse.  Today I took a sidetrack after checking on my beloved pigs and oh boy was it creepy!! There is a mansion that is next door to the swine.  This place is abandoned.  It looks like the folks just up and left one day. As I walked by I noticed that the back door had been broken and glass was everywhere.  Apparently vandals have been there. I ran home to get my camera and a cup of courage.  I had to see this.  The place was once called Mensana.  It was a "pain clinic" back in the 1980's.  If you are interested, look it up, a whole lot of #*%! went down at the"clinic".  After it was shut down it has remained as it was inside. Now that the windows are broken and the doors wide open you can see inside.

It reminds me of the movie Grey Gardens.  Grey Gardens is the story of two reclusive socialites who live in a derelict mansion in East Hampton.  They were mother and daughter, both named Edith Beale.  To say they were eccentric is an understatement!!  Mensana could be a stand in for their East Hampton home.

Weeds have taken over what was once a grand front yard.

Here is where vandals have opened up the house.  I was too scared to go inside, plus, it would be trespassing. I wouldn't want Cliff to have to come down to the precinct and bail me out - he's busy golfing.

Can't you just see Edith Beale sitting in her chair waiting for her tea? Or her cat food.

This is a second story window.  Looks like something has been eating the draperies.  I think I saw a 
woman's hand waving at me!

Even the trees are creepy.
I really enjoyed nosing around and I would love to see more.  I have looked at the property online and The place is full of big game mounted heads! The ick factor keeps going up.
So...what did you see today?
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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Need To Know? Or Just Nosy?

I like to think of myself as an inquisitive individual. I like to know stuff. The Internet has opened up a whole world to me that my beloved, yet , antiquated World Books, never could.  As a child I loved to read the encyclopedias that my mother proudly displayed on her dusty bookshelves.  We had the World Book Encyclopedias and the yearly publication, whose name I cannot remember.  I could recite every breed of dog or horse, I loved the pictures, too. Now when the thirst for knowledge hits me - I Google it.  I also love my smart phone, for those times when I am away from home and the thirst hits me.  This got me thinking. Am I just nosy or am I actually interested in obtaining answers to very pressing questions?  Case in point, the pot bellied pigs we recently "rescued" (what, you thought I would be interested in quantum physics?) The young man who owned the pigs told me he thought the female may be pregnant.  Well, this has been bothering me , as I am now deeply invested in the sows' well being.  So...I looked up gestational times for pot bellied pigs!  In case you are interested and I know you are, it is three months.  Here's where the nosy part comes in, I have been sneaking over there to check on Bonnie (her name).  Yes, I am trespassing, but , I need to know!! So far a lot of nothing, but, she and Clyde greet me with many oinks.


My next quandary is more of a global (Lutherville, MD) interest.  Both Cliff and I have been hearing random booming sounds and shaking of the earth.  Earthquake? After about the 10th time of hearing and feeling the blasts, we had to know. My very smart husband wonders if it is some sort of blasting, like from a quarry.  Out comes my smart phone and I boldly call the Bluegrass Quarry on Beaver Dam Road and guess what?  They blast on a regular basis and what we are hearing is said blasting.  Wow am I relieved, I thought we were experience aftershocks here at the Farmhouse. So you see I am very interested in the most mundane of things, but, hey at least I am interested. 

I hope you find this blog interesting.  I am thinking of finding out about different types of pine cones next. I have learned that different types of pines drop different shaped cones.  Fascinating stuff I find as I nosy about my neighborhood.

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