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Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Grey Gardens of Greenspring?

We have established that I am a nosy neighbor, for better or worse.  Today I took a sidetrack after checking on my beloved pigs and oh boy was it creepy!! There is a mansion that is next door to the swine.  This place is abandoned.  It looks like the folks just up and left one day. As I walked by I noticed that the back door had been broken and glass was everywhere.  Apparently vandals have been there. I ran home to get my camera and a cup of courage.  I had to see this.  The place was once called Mensana.  It was a "pain clinic" back in the 1980's.  If you are interested, look it up, a whole lot of #*%! went down at the"clinic".  After it was shut down it has remained as it was inside. Now that the windows are broken and the doors wide open you can see inside.

It reminds me of the movie Grey Gardens.  Grey Gardens is the story of two reclusive socialites who live in a derelict mansion in East Hampton.  They were mother and daughter, both named Edith Beale.  To say they were eccentric is an understatement!!  Mensana could be a stand in for their East Hampton home.

Weeds have taken over what was once a grand front yard.

Here is where vandals have opened up the house.  I was too scared to go inside, plus, it would be trespassing. I wouldn't want Cliff to have to come down to the precinct and bail me out - he's busy golfing.

Can't you just see Edith Beale sitting in her chair waiting for her tea? Or her cat food.

This is a second story window.  Looks like something has been eating the draperies.  I think I saw a 
woman's hand waving at me!

Even the trees are creepy.
I really enjoyed nosing around and I would love to see more.  I have looked at the property online and The place is full of big game mounted heads! The ick factor keeps going up.
So...what did you see today?
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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Need To Know? Or Just Nosy?

I like to think of myself as an inquisitive individual. I like to know stuff. The Internet has opened up a whole world to me that my beloved, yet , antiquated World Books, never could.  As a child I loved to read the encyclopedias that my mother proudly displayed on her dusty bookshelves.  We had the World Book Encyclopedias and the yearly publication, whose name I cannot remember.  I could recite every breed of dog or horse, I loved the pictures, too. Now when the thirst for knowledge hits me - I Google it.  I also love my smart phone, for those times when I am away from home and the thirst hits me.  This got me thinking. Am I just nosy or am I actually interested in obtaining answers to very pressing questions?  Case in point, the pot bellied pigs we recently "rescued" (what, you thought I would be interested in quantum physics?) The young man who owned the pigs told me he thought the female may be pregnant.  Well, this has been bothering me , as I am now deeply invested in the sows' well being.  So...I looked up gestational times for pot bellied pigs!  In case you are interested and I know you are, it is three months.  Here's where the nosy part comes in, I have been sneaking over there to check on Bonnie (her name).  Yes, I am trespassing, but , I need to know!! So far a lot of nothing, but, she and Clyde greet me with many oinks.


My next quandary is more of a global (Lutherville, MD) interest.  Both Cliff and I have been hearing random booming sounds and shaking of the earth.  Earthquake? After about the 10th time of hearing and feeling the blasts, we had to know. My very smart husband wonders if it is some sort of blasting, like from a quarry.  Out comes my smart phone and I boldly call the Bluegrass Quarry on Beaver Dam Road and guess what?  They blast on a regular basis and what we are hearing is said blasting.  Wow am I relieved, I thought we were experience aftershocks here at the Farmhouse. So you see I am very interested in the most mundane of things, but, hey at least I am interested. 

I hope you find this blog interesting.  I am thinking of finding out about different types of pine cones next. I have learned that different types of pines drop different shaped cones.  Fascinating stuff I find as I nosy about my neighborhood.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Field Trips

Believe it or not, sometimes we stray from The Farmhouse.  As much as we love our little home, we find ourselves drawn to other places.  Recently I was lucky enough  to tour Maryland's Sagamore Farm.  As you may know Sagamore was the home of Native Dancer, horse racing Royalty.  After falling into disrepair over the years, the farm is now owned by Under Armour's Kevin Plank and has been restored to its former glory.  It left me speechless.

Our next trip was to see the fields of sunflowers.  If you haven't been - you must run- do not walk, better yet, get in the car and drive!  There are no words.

Mother Nature at her finest.
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Friday, September 5, 2014

Who Are We?

Last evening as I watched my husband haul rocks from the stream bed, I started wondering who we are.  Or I should say who are we becoming?  Cliff has decided to build a low stone wall around the Carriage House.  He is using rocks from the stream by our house.  Every day for the past week he has gone and "mined" for rocks.  His term, not mine.  I must say he is doing a fine job.  In fact he has even come up with a title for this project.  Are you ready for this? Gardening Off  The Grid.  Why "off the grid" you may ask.  Well I will try to explain.  He has only used rocks and mulch from our property. No outside sources for this pioneer.   This got me thinking.  Are we turning into those Birkenstock wearing, granola eating folks we snicker at?  While my beloved is out "mining", I am fanatically sewing pillows on my dining room table. Am I turning Amish?  I mean I do ride a horse and sometimes I like to wear a really long skirt.  Oh wait - I use electricity to sew.  Never mind that thought. But seriously, what is leading us to take on such old fashioned projects?  Is it The Farmhouse?  Have we taken the whole Farmhouse thing too far? I have even been thinking of learning to spin yarn. And play the harp!

Here is Cliff's handy work so far.

The mulch pile is from the tree we had removed last fall.

Here is the "miner".

And of course what would a blog be without my crafts.  I have a new pillow theme. Foxes.
 I get a kick out of foxes dressed as fox hunters.  I know - crazy - right?  Well I've got to go and put up some canned goods before the storm rolls in.  What is happening here?

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Deer!

Well folks it looks like we may have to put The Farmhouse up for sale.  We have had some very upsetting events taking place.  It seems a roaming gang has done some real destruction here and frankly I am just not feeling too safe!  Look at this careless vandalism that has occurred:

As you can clearly see there is no possible way we can live with this!  After all we have a paid security guard that frankly is laying down on the job.

That's right - you - Bella.  We count on you to patrol the premises and you have let these hoodlums destroy our beloved hydrangea and hibiscus bushes.  Oh, they are bold .  They come right up to the house and eat away.  I saw a few of them this morning and yelled out some choice words, but, they thumbed their cloven hooves at me and went on eating away. As I have told you before Bella enjoys eating the hibiscus flowers so I am starting to think that she may be in cahoots with these hoodlums. How's that for a fine how do you do? Oh, and I also have discovered my beloved dog is somewhat of a "loose" girl.  Cliff and I went on a little getaway last weekend and left Bella at a neighbors house. I was informed when I picked her up that she had slept in this persons' bed - with said person!! And snuggled, too.  Really?  I guess she is more of the love the one you're with type of gal.  I am a bit ashamed though.

Anyway, I am thinking of looking into a condo, on a high floor where no roaming vigilantes can destroy my plants. Then I will have even more time to craft.  I have two new creations that I am very pleased with.

This is Mr. Dandy Fox.  I went crazy and used two different fabrics.  I actually ran the beige fabric through my ink jet printer to get the image.

I found this bucket at Goodwill.  I painted it and added vintage wine labels, then distressed the paint.  I hope to put pine cones in it and put on the hearth.

I was only kidding about moving, actually I am going to shoot the deer!!! LOL people.
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Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Fungus Among Us

We have a very unsettling problem on our hands - Fungus.  That's right, the lawn that Cliff worked so hard on is now over run with a fungal infection.  Sadly the beautiful green is now brown.  And it's spreading.

Not too attractive! Here is our dilemma.  Do we spray? Or do we not spray?  I am opposed to spraying for two reasons.  One, we have a well and eventually those chemicals end up in the water supply.  Don't they?  Secondly, we have a dog who enjoys eating, rolling and laying on the grass.  There is no way that this stuff can be good for her.  Can it?  However, something has to be done.  We just can't have a brown lawn!  Can we?  So many questions!  In other pest news the insects are having a great time destroying my flowers.

White fly has invaded my Million Bells.  I gave them a major haircut yesterday and sprayed them.
The beetles are eating the Hibiscus Flowers.

Funny, Bella eats the red one's and the beetles eat the yellow.  Fascinating stuff.
The roses are being eaten up too.

We planted 2 Hydrangea bushes and one is doing well, but the other is struggling.  I am providing  both with intensive care.

Even the very hardy Sweet Potato Vine is not immune from the pests.  

The garden was looking so wonderful and then the next day you notice these little buggers have taken over.  I guess we are lucky that the deer have not invaded our property, but they are all around us. It's a constant battle between good and evil here at The Farmhouse.

Josh has made it to San Fransisco and secured a job!  He is hunting for an apartment as I write. I must give that kiddo some props!  It's some adventure he is on.  We miss him, though with runaway swine and fungal problems we have been busy.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Swine Sunday

So I am chatting on the phone with my pal in New York, drinking a cup a' joe and I hear Cliff say, "There are pigs on the driveway!"  Huh? Pigs, here at the Farmhouse. I quickly hang up stating I've got pigs to see and run out to see these two running down the lane.

OMG! Potbelly pigs - I love these swine!  But, what to do? Of course I go and grab my camera and knock on my neighbors door, screaming, "Susan there are pigs out here." She comes out and then her husband joins us.  Here's where the fun starts.  He decides to try and catch them. She runs and gets two dog leashes, while the one with mohawk decides to make a break for it.

Fortunately there is an empty garage next door and we got the female herded inside.  Then we took off chasing the runaway.  Let me tell you something - these swine can RUN. And SQUEAL!  The squealing was epic.
Cliff comes and joins in and the four of us are running like maniacs chasing the mohawked one back to the garage.  It took about 30 minutes and a certain pig falling in the stream to catch him and get him corralled into the garage.
Thankfully I like to snoop around my neighborhood and I knew where these pigs lived.  I went over, but no one was home so I left a note on the garage.  Fortunately my phone rang about an hour later and the owner said he'd be right over to retrieve Bonnie and Clyde.

He came with a large crate and went into the garage to wrangle them.  Much squealing ensued.

Success! This is Bonnie, she may be in a family way.  Catching Clyde was slightly harder.

Not happy!!  Don't you find it interesting that all of this happened right beside the home of The Flying Pig!
Just another crazy day here at The Farmhouse.
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